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The Organised You Adviser Forum – will you be attending?

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The Organised You Adviser Forum – will you be attending?

In March 2024 Organised You will be holding our first ever ‘Adviser Forum’.  This will be a remote discussion session available only to clients of Organised You.

The forum has come about as a result of clients frequently asking us; ‘How do your other clients deal with this?’ and ‘what have you seen in practice that works well’?

We have worked across a range of adviser firms over more than 20 years and this gives us invaluable insight into:

  • How firms are dealing with market changes, industry changes and the ever increasing regulatory requirements.
  • The trial and error that goes on behind the scenes in financial adviser firms.
  • Firms about their experiences with the FCA.
  • Efficient and cost effective ways of running the back office functions.

The Adviser Forum will be an informal conversation where attendees can benefit from sharing thoughts and experiences with their peers.

What will the Adviser Forum cover?

We have invited feedback from our clients about what topics you would like us to cover in our Adviser forums.

The suggestions so far have included:

  • MiFID2 and the different approaches to Client Servicing. What does good look like?
  • When does a client stop being ‘cost effective’.
  • Consumer Duty  Q&A
  • Engaging with the next generation
  • Increasing efficiency and saving time

Can’t see a topic that you’d like us to cover on the list? There’s still time to share your thoughts by filling in this form.

Why should I attend?

I have worked with Financial Advisers for 24 Years and I can honestly say I have never seen a more challenging time for advisers. MiFID2 and Consumer Duty have pushed at the boundaries of what it means to be a Financial Adviser.  As a result of these regulations a huge amount of work is being conducted behind the scenes in adviser firms.

We want attendees to the forum to learn from each other by demonstrating best practice approaches, sharing their success and failures and by discussing everything in between.

The goal is to put you in a better position to face industry challenges; with the benefit of our combined insight.

Invites will be sent out shortly, so keep an eye on your inbox.

We very much hope to see you there!

Karlene Rivers