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5 things Organised You could do for you

5 things Organised You could do for you

  1. Take over your to do list

If you have that constant feeling of having too much to do, and forever have a head full of things you need to do, and scraps of paper to do list everywhere, we can help.

We encourage our clients to ‘brain dump’ everything that’s on their mind to us. Tell us everything that you need to do, from the urgent and essential day to day tasks, to the ideas and goals you have for your business that you keep meaning to do something with. We will take them all and make a manageable list that we will keep updated and progressed. We’ll move tasks forward ourselves wherever possible, update other parties where ever needed and, if it simply must be you that completes a task, we will make sure you remember and help you block out time to action it.

Instead of having a head full of everything you need to do, you’ll only need to think about the thing you’re working on that day, safe in the knowledge that the rest of it is all under control!

  1. Help you understand your business finances

We can help you with your bookkeeping and finance management, reducing your year-end ‘must get everything sorted for the accountant’ stress, and giving you reliable financial information on your business throughout the year.

Keeping better financial data, and knowing your business finances better means you can make more informed business decisions.

  1. Improve your client/customer experience

Have you always thought it would be nice to send newsletters, thank you cards, request client feedback on how you’re doing or perhaps even offer special discounts on a client’s birthday but been worried about how to start the process and whether you can keep it up?

Organised You will cover your phones, respond to emails, keep third parties updated and create processes to ensure your clients/customers feel valued and looked after.

  1. Be part of your team

Working in a small business can be lonely.  We pride ourselves on becoming part of the team for our clients. The success of your business is the success of our business and we genuinely want to help our clients to grow.

We will be a sounding board for ideas and frustrations. We will remind you to work towards your business goals, give you suggestions and ideas on how you can improve what you do based on our experiences with other small firms, and wherever possible work flexibly to suit you and your business.

  1. Be a one stop small business resource

The team at Organised You have a range of skills and experience including bookkeeping, compliance, web design and content and copy writing.

We experience in using a wide range of IT and finance programmes, and we’re pretty good with computers.

Working with so many small businesses means we’ve come across a huge range of apps, systems and processes in use, and we’re happy to share our knowledge and expertise with all our clients.


Karlene Rivers