It's not what the Teen can do for you, but what you can do for the teen! - Organised You
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It’s not what the Teen can do for you, but what you can do for the teen!

It’s not what the Teen can do for you, but what you can do for the teen!

This Academic year at OY we have had the absolute pleasure of having Niamh Jordan doing work experience with us once a week. 

Niamh is studying English literature, Politics and History A Levels at Invicta Girls Grammar School in Maidstone and is quite possible the most polite, professional and lovely 17 year old I have ever met. She helps us out with all sorts of things in the office from opening the post to researching and testing useful apps for our clients. Knowing her keenness to try her hand at anything, and having recently discussed in the office the lack of helpful support that teens receive to prepare for them world of work, I invited Niamh to write a blog post on how we, as a generation and as small business could do more to help. This blog post, is Niamh’s response. 

K xx

Considering taking the leap from education to full-time employment is a daunting and entirely new experience for many school leavers. Therefore, it is crucial when a young adult is recruited as part of your team you ensure that you make this transition as seamless as possible.

One of the main concerns of recent students is how to approach drafting a CV that is both captivating and relevant for the current job application. Therefore, I believe that it would be beneficial if a business offered students a CV writing masterclass: what to include depending on the job field, the importance of each section of the document and how to successfully structure your CV so that it is noticeable to eventual employers.

From my own personal experience, small businesses offering forms of work experience is an invaluable tool in a student’s arsenal. Believe it or not, working in a classroom has a completely different atmosphere to sitting in an office setting. Having adjusted to this can allow those who took the course to confidently dive headfirst into their new positions. It would also minimise the danger of there being a hierarchical structure (or ‘pecking order’) within the office space, resulting in sleek integration into their new team.

Young people often bring fresh ideas and approaches to their new positions, which would open up new opportunities for your company and give it a chance to grow in a different way. A younger perspective is especially valuable as markets are rapidly changing and we are one of the most accurate ways of staying informed. Therefore, allowing young people the chance to confidently input their ideas and see some of them being appreciated and implemented, it will encourage more ideas and participation from them in the future. This will ultimately be beneficial to your business!

Another aspect that many students, including myself, find particularly difficult when looking for a job is how to write an efficient letter of application and produce a polished application pack. This includes what should be included and what will help propel them into the spotlight when applying for a job. Giving an insight to young people as to what you’re looking for in a potential candidate can be a huge advantage and provide students with the necessary transferrable skills that will be vital to future success in your business or elsewhere.

As a business, you are going to have an insight into a certain industry and this would be extremely valuable for young people who won’t have any indication as to the correct and incorrect way of approaching a venture, idea or just getting a job. You would be able to give advice and send young people into that specific industry with a generous advantage that would also help cement your employee’s knowledge about it, meaning your team will be more confident when pursuing an idea!

Ultimately, any assimilation of office life you are able to provide for young people will prove to be supremely useful in preparations for the future and will not only benefit us, but will also open your own business up to more opportunities and be exposed to new characteristics and personalities that may complement your existing team.






Karlene Rivers