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What exactly is a rebrand?

What exactly is a rebrand?

What exactly is a rebrand – and why is it important for your business?

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘rebrand’? A new logo? A new website or Facebook page, perhaps? Or if you’re a retailer, it may mean refurbishing your shop front. And don’t forget flyers, business cards, packaging, advertising, branded merchandise etc. The simple answer is, all of these elements play a part in the process.

However, a rebrand doesn’t just take into account physical changes; it also reflects a fresh way of thinking, or perhaps or a reaffirmation of a company’s existing values. So if you’re considering a rebrand, it’s important to identify why you need one, and which elements of the business you will need to refresh.

Reasons for a rebrand

Taking the next step. Companies often opt for a rebrand when they reach a pivotal point in their journey, such as reaching a certain level of customers; expanding or scaling down their services; or perhaps branching out into a new sector completely. A rebrand can help your customers understand who you are and what you are offering.

Revitalising your existing brand. Whether you’re completely redesigning your branding because your logo was a quick-fix solution when you launched your business – or whether you’re enhancing your existing branding for a fresh look and feel, sometimes a simple refresh is all it takes to re-motivate you and your staff, create a talking point, and ultimately, attract new customers in the process.

Telling your story. Is your product or service truly unique, and if so, are you telling customers exactly why they should be choosing your company over your competitors? Sometimes a rebrand creates the perfect excuse to tell the world your story. In fact, given that it’s probably costing the company a fair amount of time and resource to implement, you’re actually missing a huge opportunity if you don’t take the time to explain the reasons behind your rebrand and reiterate your core values.

Take Organised You for example. We started out in 2015 as a Virtual Assistant company operating from a bedroom, but today we offer a wide range of services to clients, and as part of our rebrand, we are excited to be launching a standalone service for financial advisers. We’re also proud of our heritage as a business that accommodates working parents. We understand the pressures of the modern family, and as such, we strive to empower our staff to achieve the optimum work-life balance, by providing a child-friendly office environment, as well as school-friendly working hours. And it’s precisely these elements that embody the heart and soul of the Organised You team today.

Our mission is still to help small businesses grow, by providing affordable, flexible office assistance, but our rebrand – encapsulating our core values of Flexibility, Growth and Empowerment – shows just how far we’ve come, and where we’re heading over the coming years.

Demonstrating your adaptability. Although your branding should be able to stand the test of time as you become a trusted name within your industry, it’s also important to show customers you can move with the times. This type of rebrand might include modernising your website font, or as we have done, implementing new branding to distinguish between different, or new sections of the business, such as Organised You and Organised Adviser.

So as we go about rebranding the business and reflecting on our own values, is it time you considered a fresh approach to your branding? For help and advice, and maybe even a cuppa if you’re lucky, our door is always open. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on our rebrand, and hope we have inspired you to revitalise your business, too!

Karlene Rivers