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Why every business needs working parents.

Why every business needs working parents.

Dual-earner households are now the norm in the UK. According to the Modern Families Index 2019, 75% of couples with two children are both in employment. What’s more, “parents value flexibility [in the workplace] when it is working well…flexibility allows parents to have more control over their time, and plays a significant role in their decisions about their careers. Many would prefer to stay in a job with flexibility than move to a new one where it might not be available”.

Therefore, businesses who place more importance on flexibility than the “type” of employee they take on, are likely to attract better-suited, more talented individuals, and stand to be more successful than their competitors simply by driving employee engagement and boosting productivity.

However, at Organised You, we know how tough it can be for working parents, as many of us juggle work commitments with young children. Stomach bugs, clingy toddlers, and sleepless nights are just a few of the many daily challenges we must overcome. But overcome them we do!

Some of us held more senior positions before we had children, and all of us have years of experience under our belt. And since having kids, we’ve only added to this impressive list of skills, including infallible patience, as well as crucial people management skills. Listening to a toddler incessantly whine “are we nearly there yet?” on long car journeys makes a slightly grumbly client seem like a ray of sunshine!

But most employers aren’t keen to take the risk. They see the word ‘parent’ and translate that as: time off with sick children, early finishes, lack of career ambition and general unreliability. Of course, some of these things may happen occasionally. But on the flip side, there are so many benefits to employing a working parent!

Everyone thrives in an inclusive workplace

In recent years, there has been a keen focus on diversity and inclusion in the workplace as companies start to realise the benefits of creating such an environment. One of the key tools used to improve workplace equality and diversity is flexible working. It can help parents like us return to work, reduce the gender pay gap and help those with fluctuating health conditions. Promoting flexibility will improve your reputation as an employer, which will help you attract a better workforce – like us!

We will work twice as hard

When an employer is understanding and flexible about circumstances beyond our control, this isn’t taken for granted. Instead, we’ll work much harder to go the extra mile and do a good job in return.

We will love coming to work

With adult conversation and the opportunity to drink coffee while it’s still hot – what’s not to love about getting back into the workplace. Bring on Monday morning!

We’re great with people

Many of us without children find it difficult to speak to people we don’t know very well, let alone having to build confident relationships with new clients. Having children is like wearing a badge saying, “talk to me”. Everyday routines such as nursery drop-offs and school runs encourage even the shyest of us to make small talk – and ultimately – lasting relationships.

 We know what we’re doing

After having children, many parents return to positions with less responsibility. This could be due to the need to work fewer hours or under less pressure. However, those parents have a wealth of experience and knowledge and are obviously good at what they do. Overlooking them because they have children is short-sighted when they could be an incredible asset to your team.

We’re organised

You cannot be a working parent without being organised. Where you’re arranging a major event, planning a complex project, or simply rearranging the stationery cupboard, find the nearest working parent and watch them organise it with ease.

Employees are an organisation’s greatest asset. Those with the foresight to look after and invest in their employees reap the benefits for years to come. By offering flexible working, working from home and time off for dependents, you’ll be able to build a hardworking and loyal workforce in no time.

Next time you’re looking to recruit, consider a working parent’s application. The pros will vastly outweigh the cons – just look at our amazing team!



Karlene Rivers